Monday, December 19, 2016

Seiko SRPA19 Limited Edition Zimbe "Turtle" Reissue

Here's one more Seiko "Turtle" reissue variant for your consideration - the limited edition Thailand Zimbe SRPA19:

SRPA19 "Zimbe" Limited Edition.

As far as dimensions and mechanicals are concerned, this is basically identical to all the other "Turtle" variants featured on this blog in the past (see past posts for other variants). What this version has going for it, is its unique appearance and presentation brought about by the following:
  • Bead-blasted finish on the case, crown and bracelet giving it a gray, titanium-like matte appearance...inspired by the colors of the whale shark;
  • Unique gray/slate dial and chapter ring with orange highlights;
  • Orange second hand;
  • Silver bezel with black markings;
  • Use of a sapphire crystal instead of the typical Hardlex;
  • Day/date magnifier;
  • Extra rubber strap in matching shade of gray;
  • Unique box with Prospex and Zimbe markings.
The word "Zimbe" comes from the Japanese term "jinbei-zame" (ジンベイザメ) which means "whale shark".
Only 1,299 units of this particular model will be made, all intended for release in Thailand. That, plus the material upgrades and additional finishing makes this piece more expensive than your typical standard "Turtle" reissue, assuming that you can still find one for sale.

I managed to snag this from an independent importer a few months ago for around 800 USD, which was actually a reasonable price at the time. Nowadays, given the limited release and still ever-present demand, prices can go up to 1,300 USD and up, at least locally.

All-in-all, its unique color scheme and rarity makes it stand out from the rest of the Seiko "Turtle" crowd. A must-have for the Seiko dive-watch collector.

Some photos: