Saturday, March 12, 2016

Seiko Neo Sports Black SRP715

Rounding off my series of reviews of Seiko's Neo Sports 4R36-based field/military style watches is this review of the black dial, black leather strap SRP715. Among this particular line of watches, starting with the sunburst blue-dialed, stainless steel bracelet SRP707 (reviewed here), the light gray-dialed, stainless steel bracelet SRP709 (I don't actually have this variant),the dark gray-dialed, stainless steel bracelet SRP711 (reviewed here), the beige-dialed, brown leather strap SRP713 (reviewed here) and the SRP715 which is the subject of this post, the SRP715 has the most basic and arguably the most classic color scheme, with a black dial, white fence-post hands and Arabic numeral indices, silver 24-hour markings and logo, polished fixed stainless steel bezel with a black painted inverted triangle pip mark at 12 o'clock and black paint hour hash marks, and black calf leather strap.

Everything that can be written about this particular model line has probably been already written in the earlier reviews I made of its siblings, so let's just look at some photos:



  1. Looks great, but Seiko could do without 24-HOUR-FORMAT and put white triangle instead of 12-o'clock-sign

    1. With the white triangle it would be a pilot not a field I think they all look very Indiana Jones , I love the line and will be buying the beige and grey definitely and the black as soon as I have the cash.I love the day date I look at my watch more fore the date than the time some days!!