Saturday, February 27, 2016

Seiko Neo Sports Gray SRP711

We now go on to the third model in my series of reviews for Seiko's recently launched line of Neo Sports watches, the dark gray dialed SRP711.

Again, as a sibling of the SRP713 (see earlier post here) and the SRP707 (see earlier post here), it is essentially the same design with the exception of the color scheme. Like the SRP707, this model also utilizes a stainless steel bracelet instead of a leather strap like the SRP713. The dial is dark gray, with most of the markings in white, except for the 24 hour markings which are in silver. The hands are also in white like the SRP707 with the second hand sporting the same predominantly black color with a white tip. The day/date wheels use white text on a black background.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this variant is the ion-plated brushed bezel which shares the same shade of gray as the dial.

While I have a preference for stainless steel bracelets in general, the bracelets used on this particular series don't really seem to do much in enhancing the overall appearance of the watch. Again, like the SRP707 this is on my list of candidates for a leather strap change.

Some photos:



  1. I know this has been a while but i'm deciding between 711 and 715...any suggestions? Are the dials actually different, either color or texture, I've read the difference is matte vs glossy but haven't seen either in person...would like to pull the trigger on one, only a $10 difference and if they are really close might be worth having the metal band before replacing with a NATO or cordura band...thanks in advance!! Also what's your take on the turtle and 4R36 overall?

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  3. The 711 and 715 are virtually identical save for some cosmetic details. The dial for the 711 is a dark gray while the 715 is a deep black. The bezel for the 711 is a PVD gray, while the 715 is polished. The 711 also comes with the SS bracelet, while the 715 comes on leather. The dials aren't really that glossy, but the black on the 715 is a really deep, ark, and classy black.

    If you're going for a more formal or semi-formal look, I'd recommend the 715. It's just more classy looking with the deep blacks, leather strap and polished bezel. If casual is more your style, I'd go for the 711. The gray tones make it less blingy and easier to tone down with either a distressed leather or NATO strap. It does come with a SS bracelet but since it's more of a casual watch swapped it with a muted leather Hirsch.

    The turtle is a good reissue, as far as reissues go, and definitely worth having in one's collection, as long as you have the wrist size for it. They're not that expensive if you know where to look, tough, durable, with a bit of a vintage feel because of the case design. If there's one thing I wish it didn't have it's the Prospex logo, but I can live with that. It also comes in a range of dial and bezel colors, and choice of rubber and bracelet, and tons of options in the aftermarket, so you'll inevitably get what you want.

    The 4R36 is definitely a step up from the 7S26/7S36 of old, with hacking/handwinding, reasonable accuracy, ease of servicing and regulation. I wouldn't worry much about it, it's a set and forget movement, does its job without any fuss and without skipping a beat, and like its older brothers the 7S26/7S36, will likely last years without a service.

  4. Thanks for the excellent detail.
    Are the bezels fixed on the srp711 and srp715?
    If fixed, do you think it's possible to mod a rotating bezel on there?