Thursday, January 21, 2016

Turtle comparison: 6309 vs SRP77x

For all of you who are curious how the new reissued "Turtle" stands up to the original, here's a straightforward comparison:

SRP777 (l), 6309-7040 (r).

Case diameter (excluding crown):

6309-7040 - 44mm;
SRP77x - 44.3mm;


6309-7040 - 46mm;
SRP77x - 48mm;

Lug width:

Both 22mm;


Both 14mm.

Based on the above measurements, while the 6309 and SRP77x series have very similar shapes and aesthetics, they are not an exact match insofar as dimensions are concerned. The SRP77x has a slightly longer lug-to-lug length, meaning it will wear slightly larger than the classic 6309.

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