Sunday, January 10, 2016

Seiko SRP779 Pepsi "Turtle" Reissue

Rounding off Seiko's quartet of new reissued "Turtles", here are some photos of the new SRP779 "Pepsi" "Turtle" on rubber:


Note that the dial is black, not blue, unlike the difference between the SKX007 and 009.
Red and blue "Pepsi" bezel.
The only difference between this particular model and the SRP777 is the bezel color combination, with this one sporting a red and blue "Pepsi" color scheme on the bezel insert, with the red portion extending up to the 20 minute mark, and the blue portion covering the rest.

For more information on this particular series of Seiko divers, you can refer to my earlier post of the SRP777 here. Based on all the interest hype on these particular models, it would seem like Seiko has another winner here, and if production is able to keep up, these may end up replacing the classic SKX007/009 as Seiko's definitive entry level mechanical diver.


  1. Very informative. I wanna get one myself. Any leads where available?

  2. Hi there. Glad you found the post helpful. It depends on where you are. Here in the Philippines, you can just about walk into any AD and walk out with one.