Friday, August 26, 2016

Seiko Superior SSA005 Flight Computer "Cyclops" in Black/Red/Gold

This is the third post on my series of reviews of Seiko's SSA00x line of Flight Computers, nicknamed the "Cyclops" by Seiko fans. On this third installment, we focus on the SSA005:

SSA005 Flight Computer AKA "Cyclops".
This watch is mechanically identical to its siblings, the SSA001 (see review here) and the SSA003 (see review here), so you may refer to the previews posts for those details. The differences lie in the color palette selected for this piece which consists of red for the second hand tip and 24-hour hand, gilt markings for the outside bezel, and a black PVD crown with a red highlight.

Of all the three variants I own, this is hands down my favorite, though the multiple colors across several elements may make the design a tad too busy for some.

More photos:

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